You & We can help make this world a cleaner place to live in.
Employees are the face of an organisation, the most valuable asset, responsible for its progress and growth. We have a comprehensive recruitment procedure in place to make sure the job profile matches the candidate’s skill set. Employees tackle problems and continuously put their talent to the test. They go through training programs to help them keep up with new developments. Working with us means enjoying an exciting career where one can build their careers, abilities and dreams.

Our Values:
Team Spirit

 While the management endeavours:
  • To create a homely but energizing work atmosphere
  • To treat all employees with respect and dignity
  • To reward loyalty, competence and merit
  • To help all employees in realizing their full potential

It expects the employees:
  • To comply with company policies and procedures
  • To be committed to the assigned jobs
  • To always give their best while working
  • To maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty
  • To maintain loyalty to the company and its objectives